Day 03 Advent re-visited ‘The Dragon Dreamer’.

Day 03 Ruby Teaser 2019

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Day 03 ‘The Dragon Dreamer’

Book 3 on the calendar is from one of our all time favourite book series about dragons and their unusual friendships. The Dragon Dreamer Series by J.S. Burke

A wounded dragon and an undersea misfit.

Bullied as a worthless dreamer, Arak flies away on a dangerous quest and crashes at sea. A fearless shapeshifter octopus heals the young dragon, and an unexpected friendship begins. Arak returns to the dragon clan, but a terrible illness strikes. Then an undersea volcano erupts, which triggers a deadly chain of events! How can two misfits save the dragons?

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About the Author


J. S. Burke is an author, artist, chemist, and marine biologist, studying creatures of the dark abyss and diving on coral reefs. She lives in Georgia with her family and rescue pets.

It’s immense fun to write novels that blend imagination with real science and author experiences. Living on a ship far from shore, J. S. Burke traveled in a circle of blue and learned to walk with the sea.

The Dragon Dreamer series is science fantasy adventure with flying dragons, an undersea world, and unexpected friendship. The deadly sea storm that threatens the young dragon Arak, in The Dragon Dreamer, is one that the author survived.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading.

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