Day 04 Advent re-visited ‘Dragonfly Pie’

Day 04 Teaser

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Day 04 ‘Dragonfly Pie’

Book 04 on the advent calendar is the wonderful Dragonfly Pie – The Tales of Willow Park’ ‘ by Sarah Parkinson.


This rhyming story starts with the geese on Willow Park lake who are unable to sleep because of the dragonflies early morning dance. The geese feel desperate and decide that making a Dragonfly Pie is the only way to bring peace and quiet to the lake. But the geese can’t catch dragonflies! This is where Grebe comes to the rescue but not in the way you would expect….

This tale demonstrates how people can set aside their differences and get along by finding common ground.

Taken from the back cover:

Early each morning as the geese try to doze,

the dragonflies buzz in their noisy dance shows.

The geese want to bake a dragonfly pie

To make the buzzing go quiet, but this plan goes awry…

Is there someone there who can save the day?

And will anyone enjoy the buzzing ballet?

Beautiful illustrations

Click the beautiful image below to visit Sarah’s website and find out some interesting facts about the Grebe.


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