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First Lines Friday (Children’s Books)

We love this idea so we will give it a go but use only children’s books. It is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?  Check out Wandering Words for more info, and follow the rules below:

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

If you’re using Twitter, don’t forget to use #FirstLinesFridays!

Here we go…

Black clouds rolled silently overhead, devouring stars in the darkening night sky. A sudden barrage of lightning crackled above. Startled by the noise, Arak spun in the air.

Read on to find out which book this extract is from…

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The Dragon Dreamer (Dragon Dreamer, #1)The Dragon Dreamer by J.S. Burke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really loved this book with its underlying message of being tolerant of others especially those who are different. It encourages us to live in peace with our fellow creatures.

A truly wonderful story for young and old alike. It is unique in that it covers many topics, such as the barriers of language between species. It shows how some creatures are united in their love of art, science and technology. Truly amazing.

Arak is a dragon who does not quite fit in with the pack. He is after all a dreamer. The other dragons mock him and call him names, they never take him serious. One day whilst out on a solo flight he is caught in a dreadful storm and crash lands upon the ice, causing himself major damage. However, thanks to a curious undersea octopus called Scree (a healer who just cannot swim away from a suffering creature) an unusual alliance is formed.

The story reminded me of how the world began, how human technology and medical advancements are occurring all the time especially when people work together. It is just that in this story it is the undersea shape-shifting octopi forming lasting bonds of friendship with their much larger dragon friends.

A highly recommended read, a truly beautiful tale.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading

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#SixForSunday Our Top 6 Children’s Books of 2019

Our Top 6 Children’s Books of 2019

After seeing a few of our book lover friends taking part in this #SixForSunday  S4S  we thought it might be nice to give it a go. I believe it originally came from A Little But A Lot go check it out.

The Sheep Won’t Sleep!The Sheep Won’t Sleep! by Curtis Jobling

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 04 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

We love all things sheepy so we could not help but fall in love with this wonderful story. It is all about a sleepy sheep dog who has to put one hundred naughty sheep to bed but…

The Sheep Won’t Sleep

This phrase is used throughout the book encouraging little ones to join in the reading. It is a fun, bright, colourful rhyming read.

The Sheep Who Hatched an EggThe Sheep Who Hatched an Egg by Gemma Merino

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 20 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

‘Lola the sheep had extraordinary wool, it was shiny, it was silky, it was soft, and it never, ever tangled.’

Lola is very proud and happy of the way she looks, but then come summer all the sheep have a hair cut and Lola feels ridiculous and hides herself away. All she wants is to have her beautiful wool back.

Oh yes it does come back, but it is all wild, messy and tangled so she keeps herself away from the others. Whilst resting below a tree an egg falls from a nest, Lola does not even notice but the wild warmth of the wool protects it and soon a bright baby chick is born. The two become great friends.

As the chick becomes stronger and summer approaches the pair must part ways, and Lola realises it is more important to have friends than to have extraordinary wool.

A beautiful picture book with bright fun illustrations, great to read with little ones.

More Ketchup Please! Ruby's Tomato TaleMore Ketchup Please! Ruby’s Tomato Tale by Adam Bestwick

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 35 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

Loved this book written in rhyme and full of fun illustrations. When Ruby was a baby Dad was half asleep one night when he went to get a bottle of milk to feed her. Sadly he gave her a bottle of tomato ketchup instead. Now Ruby has to have tomato ketchup on EVERYTHING!

‘She glugged ketchup on her boiled egg (and even in her soup)…
Ketchup on her ice cream too…
that poured out with a gloop!’

and when she runs out she screams “I want more ketchup please!”

Before we know it the corner shop runs out, then the supermarkets and even the whole world might be running out soon too. Do you know someone who loves ketchup as much as Ruby?

Harry Saves The Ocean!: Teaching children about plastic pollution and recycling. (Harry The Happy Mouse)Harry Saves The Ocean!: Teaching children about plastic pollution and recycling. by N. G K.

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 73 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

I love a picture book with a message and this beautifully illustrated book has the message of keeping litter out of the sea to save the animals of the ocean. Of course Harry the Happy Mouse is the one to help instigate the clean up.

Wonderful rhyming read that the kids will love.

Lamby Goes CampingLamby Goes Camping by Miss Jude Lennon

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 89 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

A wonderful bright colourful rhyming read about Flossie and Lamby. Everyone is excited to be setting out with their friends on a camping adventure in Buttercup the bright yellow campervan. Children will absolutely love this with its repetative rhymes that they will soon learn to say along with you.

With a gurgle, a splutter, a clunk and a cough
The bright yellow van sets off.

Very highly recommended

Sparky the Dragon BusSparky the Dragon Bus by Sue Wickstead

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 126 of our Goodreads Challenge 2019

A beautiful story of inclusion

What an amazing story, more so the fact that Sparky the Bus is a real playbus adapted for all children to be able to join in the fun. Truly remarkable and bright beautiful illustrations.Well done to the author and illustrator.

It was hard to choose just six but these were our favourites of the year. Check them out for yourself. These were shared with a young boy called Seb (8) and his sister Spencer (5), and they loved these as much as we did.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading

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Advent re-visited Day’s 20 – 23

Day 20 ‘Akea

‘Akea’ by Elizabeth Jade a talented young #IndieAuthor with beautiful black and white illustrations by Anthony Wallis 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

td-amazon-smile-logo-01-large   Ruby FB Xmas Teaser 2019(8)

Day 21 ‘Deadwood Hall’

Linda Jones @ljones2703 ‘Deadwood Hall’ a magical fantasy story 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Ruby FB Xmas Teaser 2019(6)

Day 22 ‘George and Maude’

Sarah Griffiths ‘George and Maude’ a fun rhyming picture book with George the parrot🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
Day 22 Ruby Calendar

Day 23 ‘Ruby’s Christmas Wishes’

Rose English and ‘Ruby’s Christmas Wishes’ currently only available as a PDF but if anyone should like one I can email one across simply leave me a message below  🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

Day 23 Calendar

Thank you for visiting & Happy Reading

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Advent re-visited Day’s 15 – 19

Day 15 ‘The Festival of the Snow Moon’

Beautiful #PictureBook this time by Katherine Youngman – children’s author ‘The Festival of the Snow Moon’ 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
td-amazon-smile-logo-01-large   Day 15 calendar

Day 16 ‘The Robin’s First Christmas’

A seasonal treat for the littlies ‘The Robin’s First Christmas’ by @stschroder 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay 16 Calendar

Day 17 ‘The Dragon of Allerton Oak’

A beautiful fantasy based around a real #OakTree in #Allerton #Liverpool

‘The Dragon of Allerton Oak’ by Jude Lennon @judelennonbooks of Little Lamb Tales 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾td-amazon-smile-logo-01-large
Day 17 Calendar

Day 18 ‘The Crooked Little Tree’

‘The Crooked Little Tree’  by Lesley Swain  beautifully #Illustrated by Sylva Fae 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay 18 Calendar

Day 19 ‘The Railway Cat’

‘The Railway Cat’ by Ken Ashton 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Day 19 Calendar

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Advent re-visited Day’s 10 – 14

Gosh how time flies it seems an age now since we did the Advent Calendar of Children’s Books. With being short staffed in work I have sadly gotten behind with re-visiting all the wonderful reads we featured. Let me see if I am able to do a brief revisit today.

Day 10 Jojo’s Star

Leslie Rawlinson ‘Jojo’s Star’ 🌹🎄📖⭐️🐾📚

td-amazon-smile-logo-01-large   Day 10 Calendar

Day 11 ‘Jack’s Roar’

Francesca Hepton ‘Jack’s Roar’. 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Day 11 Calendar

Day 12 ‘Time Shifters Into the Past’

@katefrostauthor Kate Frost ‘Time Shifters Into the Past’ 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Day 12 Calendar

Day 13 ‘Sparky the Dragon Bus’

Sue Wickstead and ‘Sparky the Dragon Bus’ a beautiful #PictureBook about #Inclusion 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay 13 Calendar

Day 14 ‘Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse’

A little #Folktale ‘Seal Mother ~ A #Selkie Tale in Verse’ by Rose English UK children love this story, particularly for its pretty #illustrations by Hannah Ryan. 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay14 Calendar

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Day 09 Advent re-visited ‘Tales from the Travel Pouch’

Day 09 Calendar

Click the image above for ease of reading (opens in a new tab)

Day 09 ‘Lamby and Flossie’s Tales from the Travel Pouch’

This next book came from  Little Lamb Publishing  with Miss Jude Lennon Lamby and Flossie’s Tales from the Travel Pouch’

A beautifully illustrated collection of stories featuring Lamby and Flossie. Learn about Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Peru as they travel around South America in their trusty Travel Pouch. Find out about the famous sights they visit and who they meet along the way. Each story features a map, photographs and interesting facts for each country.

#RubyTubeDay Xmas 09


To purchase on Amazon click the link above.

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Day 08 Advent re-visited ‘Reindeer Dreams’

Day 08 Calendar

Click the image above for ease of reading (opens in a new tab)

Day 08 ‘Reindeer Dreams’

Book 08 on the calendar was ‘Reindeer Dreams’ by Deb McEwan.

Will Sky the snowy owl be happy about narrating this Christmas story?

Will our hero reindeer ride in Sanda’s team?

And most importantly, will all the children receive their Christmas presents this year?

Discover more in Reindeer Dreams a delightful rhyming story for children aged three to eight.

#RubyTubeDay Xmas 08


To purchase on Amazon click the link above.

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