#BlogShare How to Write Children’s Books in 15 Easy Steps (with examples) — Aaron Mullins

How to write children’s books? To write, edit and publish a children’s book you must choose an age range for your idea, create popular story characters and then illustrate your book. Children’s books can be self published or you can submit them to traditional kid’s book publishers.

How to Write Children’s Books in 15 Easy Steps (with examples) — Aaron Mullins

#AnimalCrackers Jokes & Funnies

Talking Animals

I was first introduced to the My Talking Pet App some years back by my wonderful friend Deb McEwan author and dog lover. It was so much fun to see her beloved rescue dog Sandy telling us all about the new book she features in ‘The Island Dog Squad’ it was a barrel of laughs. I simply had to download the app for my phone.

Now Miss Ruby Heart uses the app to tell us all about her mini book reviews and her friends have joined in to share a few jokes and funnies. We hope you enjoy them.

If you have any jokes drop them below in the comments, and we will see if one of Ruby’s talking animal friends can read it out for you. Don’t forget the pages are aimed at children and younger readers, or those simply young at heart. Clean jokes only please.

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🐕How do you say goodbye to a curly haired dog?








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Ten Little Dogs by Ruth Brown

Oh, how cute is this charming counting book for children featuring ‘Ten Little Dogs’ written and illustrated by Ruth Brown. Read the review below from Get Kids into Books.

Get Kids into Books

Published by Scallywag Press, 2021.

Ten Little Dogs is a beautifully illustrated count-down book featuring ten utterly gorgeous puppies. We see them at play, enjoying a meal, and having a snooze. They are adventurous and inquisitive, mischievous and full of boundless energy. There are all sorts of breeds and Sam and I had lots of fun choosing our favourite pups.

As the book counts down from ten to one, it introduces the concept of one less. The clever use of rhyme and page turn will help children guess then learn which number comes next. Each page has a spot the difference element too as you look to see which dog is missing.

The book is lots of fun because of the puppies’ playful antics. We frequently see them getting into trouble: they are chased by bees, drenched by a hose and one even gets stuck between two trees.

The illustrations…

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‘Milk and Cookies’ Kickstarter Campaign

I just discovered this wonderful Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Milk and Cookies’ by Emma Rosen a sweet picture book that explains breastfeeding in an accessible way for small children. What a unique idea.This beautiful book informs while leaving space for families to have their own conversations. It’s not just for families who are already comfortable talking about breastfeeding, it’s for any little one with questions.


#ShareAStory ‘Daisy Daydream Bus Rhymes & Jokes’

#RubyTubeDay Book Review

Daisy Daydream Bus Rhymes and Jokes by Sue Wickstead

A book of poetry and rhymes with a bus twist.Together with a few tickets full of jokes to capture the imagination of young readers and get them to giggle along on the bus journey.Daisy Daydream the nursery Rhyme bus now has a few nursery rhymes of her own.

The real Daisy

In 1987 the real Daisy was given a new lease of life when she was repainted with popular Nursery Rhyme characters for the children to enjoy and sing along.

The brightly decorated exterior would attract the attention of the children and get them running along to play and explore inside.

The playbus was a very popular and much-loved venue for a playgroup and fondly remembered.

A safe place to enjoy and certainly full of fun.



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