‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ the final edit (or is it?)

So here is the original short story that won 1st prize in an online short story competition back in 2014 all this lead to the character of Grandfather Time. Happy Reading Book Lovers

Rose English UK

The Magic of Grandfather Time

Well Happy Weekend one and all

As you can see I’ve been playing once again, throwing sparkles at my original book cover for ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ .

I have however managed to complete my final edit (hopefully) its with a few of my author friends having a final check over.

Here is a little taster

Grandfather Time

The Magic of Grandfather Christmas


Christmas Eve 1880, Grandfather, with an air of solemnity, begins to chime out the hour of midnight. Even at a majestic height of 8ft, he is currently hidden in a blackened corner of the parlour; his presence felt through the day only by his sad, mournful ticking. Grandfather has always had an air of magic surrounding him, bestowed upon him by Old Father Time himself, but until now there has never been a need to use it.

The fire is dwindling, its embers barely bright enough to…

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