Introducing Miss Ruby Heart

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Introducing Miss Ruby Heart

Introducing ~
Miss Ruby Heart.
A red golden puppy
you will love from the start.

A little ghost dog,
a friend of Grandfather Time.
He likes to tell stories,
in rhythm and rhyme.

Miss Ruby Heart, as you have probably gathered is a ruby King Charles Spaniel, she has long silky golden red fur, with floppy ears and a cute button nose. Sadly Ruby is a little ghost dog whose story can be found in ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ for older readers.

Ruby is a close friend of Grandfather Time, an ancient longcase clock bestowed with a touch of magic. Together they offer guidance to children helping them to see goodness and mend their old ways, especially if ever they have been naughty (like Young Ebenezer)

Eb is very lucky to have Miss Ruby as his constant companion. Only children and the young at heart are able to see her. She is a beautiful and caring soul.



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