Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory Day 02

World Book Day #ShareAStory #ShareAMillionStories

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Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory 02 ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’

Day 02 and our ‘One Minute Story’ is from a folktale. It is also another #OneHundredWord story.

Happy Listening.

‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ by Rose English

It is said that long ago, the Nightingale could not sing, he simply squawked. One hot summers day, he saw a beautiful white rose and fell instantly in love.

From that day he was inspired to sing. It is believed that the flower would only open her petals when she heard the Nightingale’s song.

The pair were so in love that the little bird hugged the white rose so tightly a thorn stabbed through his heart, sadly killing him. However, Nightingale’s blood splashed the rose, turning her white petals red, and thus she stayed for the rest of her days.

Share A Million Stories for World Book Day

Folk can still sign up to be part of the Million Stories Event with prizes up for grabs.  All reading for a minimum of 10 minutes counts towards a story share.

DON’T FORGET: 1 story share = the number of children who are listening, so if you are reading to a group of 30, that’s 30 story shares!

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#WorldBookDay coming Thursday 5th March 2020

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World Book Day 2020 #ShareAStory

So once again it is that time of year where we spread the love of reading to our younger friends or children. World Book Day is a great way of doing this and you can find out more by clicking the logo at the top of the page to go to their main website.


This year the aim is to Share A Million Stories with younger readers, schools and community groups even parents can sign up to share a story each day starting 27th February 2020 with a chance to win book prizes check it out HERE.

Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory Day 01

Over the next few days we will be sharing some of our ‘One Minute Stories’. We hope you will drop by and check each one out. All leading up to World Book Day on Thursday 5th March 2020.

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#RubyTubeDay Christmas #ShareAStory

Share A Story for Christmas

Well can you believe it Day 7 of the final month of the year, where does the time go. So you may have see our previous post about our Christmas Advent Calendar featuring Children’s Books (You haven’t, where have you been LOL) so we decided to do a mini video check it out on YouTube. We would love if you could share with your Book Lover friends or maybe even subscribe to our channel?

#RubyTubeDay Christmas

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

The advent calendar features a different children’s book each day, many from Indie Authors. Behind the door you will see a snippet about the book and at the bottom of the image is a link to take you to the Facebook party page. Not only are there books but also kids video shorts, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke. Somethjing to keep the kids amused for half an hour. Drop in at your leisure some authors may even have giveaways.

2019 Rubys Advent

Happy Reading

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