Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory Day 04

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Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory 04 ‘Fashion Statement’

Day 04 is an environmental poem written for World Book Day several years ago but we thought we would share it here

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Fashion Statement


Share A Million Stories for World Book Day

Folk can still sign up to be part of the Million Stories Event with prizes up for grabs.  All reading for a minimum of 10 minutes counts towards a story share.

DON’T FORGET: 1 story share = the number of children who are listening, so if you are reading to a group of 30, that’s 30 story shares!

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‘That’s Our Home!’ by Jude Lennon

Keep Our Beaches Clean!

Are you passionate about keeping our beaches clean?

Would you like to help our lovely author friend Jude Lennon from Little Lamb Tales to publish her latest children’s book ‘That’s Our Home!’ You would or still not sure? If not sure then check out Jude’s video below. Or find out more on the project page by clicking HERE

If you take part in this great Kickstarter project. You could also receive goodies in exchange for your pledge. We pledged a small amount and if the project is successful we will receive a signed copy of the book. How exciting is that?

Visit Lamby and Flossie and find out more about the Kickstarter Campaign by clicking on the little lamb logo below.

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Oh my goodness check this out, a sneek peek of some of the wonderful characters that will be featured in ‘That’s Our Home!’ by Jude Lennon with the beautiful illustrations by Lisa Williams

Thats My Home Characters

Don’t forget you can help to get this book in print. Just visit the Kickstarter Page and show your support. Pledge £10 or more and you can help get the book, and its environmental message out into the world. Plus, by pledging this amount you can opt to receive a signed copy of the book should the campaign be successful. Go on what are you waiting for.

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#RubyTubeDay Poetry ‘The Rivers Serenade’

#RubyTubeDay YouTube video of ‘The Rivers Serenade’

The Rivers Serenade

Beneath the weeping willow tree,
I watch the butterflies, fly free.
Attracted by the meadow flowers,
that I could sit and watch for hours.
I glimpse the rivers silver shimmer,
yet here inside the world is dimmer,
amidst the gentle country sounds,
as I lay, upon the ground.

Dappled sunlight reaches through,
bringing memories old and new.
Between the slowly swaying leaves,
of this our weeping willow tree.
And as I slowly close my eyes,
and cotton candy clouds sail by.
Memories trickle then cascade,
along with the rivers serenade.

The way our teenage limbs entwined,
sending shivers through my spine.
Then once we turn we’re face-to-face,
and locked in young loves strange embrace.
And low a moment full of bliss
with the thought of our first kiss
Beneath our weeping willow tree,
entwined together you and me

Copyright © April 2019 Rose English

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#RubyTubeDay Poetry ‘A Train Ride to Brum’

#RubyTubeDay YouTube video of ‘A Train Ride to Brum’

A Train Ride To Brum.

The train rumbles & rolls
over rusty rails.
Gazing from the window,
I watch.
Seeing lush green embankments
which fade down
to dull, dark, dusty wasteland.
The trees once tall and majestic
now look sad and depleted.
They are small and skeletal,
like anorexic teenagers.
No blossom as yet fills these trees,
they currently bloom with a spectacular display of
plastic carriers,
and a vast array of other exotic waste foliage.
Reaching to the heavens they forever seek solace
in the warm spring sun.

Copyright © Rose English 2004


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