Advent re-visited Day’s 20 – 23

Day 20 ‘Akea

‘Akea’ by Elizabeth Jade a talented young #IndieAuthor with beautiful black and white illustrations by Anthony Wallis 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

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Day 21 ‘Deadwood Hall’

Linda Jones @ljones2703 ‘Deadwood Hall’ a magical fantasy story 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Ruby FB Xmas Teaser 2019(6)

Day 22 ‘George and Maude’

Sarah Griffiths ‘George and Maude’ a fun rhyming picture book with George the parrot🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
Day 22 Ruby Calendar

Day 23 ‘Ruby’s Christmas Wishes’

Rose English and ‘Ruby’s Christmas Wishes’ currently only available as a PDF but if anyone should like one I can email one across simply leave me a message below  🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾

Day 23 Calendar

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Advent re-visited Day’s 15 – 19

Day 15 ‘The Festival of the Snow Moon’

Beautiful #PictureBook this time by Katherine Youngman – children’s author ‘The Festival of the Snow Moon’ 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
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Day 16 ‘The Robin’s First Christmas’

A seasonal treat for the littlies ‘The Robin’s First Christmas’ by @stschroder 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay 16 Calendar

Day 17 ‘The Dragon of Allerton Oak’

A beautiful fantasy based around a real #OakTree in #Allerton #Liverpool

‘The Dragon of Allerton Oak’ by Jude Lennon @judelennonbooks of Little Lamb Tales 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾td-amazon-smile-logo-01-large
Day 17 Calendar

Day 18 ‘The Crooked Little Tree’

‘The Crooked Little Tree’  by Lesley Swain  beautifully #Illustrated by Sylva Fae 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾
td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeDay 18 Calendar

Day 19 ‘The Railway Cat’

‘The Railway Cat’ by Ken Ashton 🌹📚🎄📖⭐️🐾


Day 19 Calendar

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#RubyTubeDay Christmas #ShareAStory

Share A Story for Christmas

Well can you believe it Day 7 of the final month of the year, where does the time go. So you may have see our previous post about our Christmas Advent Calendar featuring Children’s Books (You haven’t, where have you been LOL) so we decided to do a mini video check it out on YouTube. We would love if you could share with your Book Lover friends or maybe even subscribe to our channel?

#RubyTubeDay Christmas

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

The advent calendar features a different children’s book each day, many from Indie Authors. Behind the door you will see a snippet about the book and at the bottom of the image is a link to take you to the Facebook party page. Not only are there books but also kids video shorts, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke. Somethjing to keep the kids amused for half an hour. Drop in at your leisure some authors may even have giveaways.

2019 Rubys Advent

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Christmas Advent Calendar from Miss Ruby Heart

Happy December

OK so we are a bit late in getting to our announcement, but besides being the most wonderful time of the year it is also the busiest.

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

So the news is we have created an advent calendar to share our love of Children’s Books especially those lovingly created by Indie Authors. Plus we have a Facebook Party page you can check out daily at your leisure with mini video’s, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke especially for the kids. So if you are at a loose end as to what to do with them for half an hour this could help you out. Click the image below to go to the calendar (opens in a new window party page link in the bottom of the window).

2019 Rubys Advent


Children’s Writers

The writers taking part in this event have given up their time to be part of this fun event, please like and share their posts, plus their pages with your book lover friends.

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‘Young Ebenezer’ #Promo & New Release

190928 Promo YE 01a

#Promo ‘Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol’ Book 1

To celebrate the forthcoming release of Book 2 in the Young Ebenezer Series by Rose English, Book 1 is out as a Kindle Countdown promotion starting at just 99p/99c on Saturday 28th September.

This story is a seasonal treat, a modern, lyrical re-telling of the Charles Dickens classic – ‘A Christmas Carol.’

The book is specially designed for families to share during the Holiday Season, or for young competent readers to try for themselves.

Eb is a spoilt child who really is not one for caring, and he certainly hates sharing. He is watched over by a very special guardian – the family’s ancient longcase clock, who is bestowed with magic. His name is Grandfather Time.

On Christmas Eve Grandfather Time decides he must teach the boy a lesson. So he calls upon his friends; the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future and with lessons to learn he brings forth the first tutor – a little golden-red King Charles spaniel, called Miss Ruby Heart.

Will this unlikely pair be able to teach the boy the error of his ways? Or will he be doomed to be a scruffy, lonely teenager stuck forever in his own little world?

#RubyTubeDay Introducing ‘Young Ebenezer’ Book 1 on YouTube

Boing! Boing!

Verse 1

Grandfather Time,
chimes out loud and clear,
he’s telling us all,
Christmas soon will be here.
The fire is burning;
the room’s all aglow,
outside the snow’s falling,
so gentle and slow.

New Release ‘Young Ebenezer ~ Confronts the School Bully’

Happy Sunday. We are so close now to the release of ‘Young Ebenezer ~ Confronts the School Bully’ by Rose English due to be released on Tuesday 1st October 2019.  We just found out that October is also #NationalBullyPrevention month too.

Whilst the theme of the book is bullying it is also based around ‘Trick or Treating’.   It’s a #Halloween treat much better than sweets! Told in lyrical form, a story in verse. It is aimed at children 8 – 12 year olds as it is rather long for a story poem which brings me also to the fact that Thursday 3rd October is  #NationalPoetryDay.

Introducing Rose English

Rose English 02

Living on ‘England’s Green & Pleasant Land’, among the gentle rolling hills of the Herefordshire Countryside, Rose’s house is wall to wall books. She even has a ‘Leaning Tower of Paperbacks‘.

Rose is a dreamer, preferring a simple & quiet life. Often spending time alone, although never lonely, being ever surrounded by great characters when lost in a good book. She loves theatre and the arts, adoring live performances on stage. Rose has very eclectic tastes.

Working as a school librarian, and sharing her love of books with children, was the best job she ever had. However, life moves on and another chapter was only a page turn away.

Now working in an entirely different library, in Hereford’s Wye Valley NHS Trust Hospital, Rose spends her day issuing ‘Medical Equipment’.

Rose also has a little friend called Miss Ruby Heart a ruby King Charles Spaniel who reviews Children’s Books.

Rose English & Miss Ruby Heart on Social Media


Miss Ruby Heart     

Amazon UK

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