#RubyTubeDay 02 ‘No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom’

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 02

02 no bot the robot

No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom

by Sue Hendra

#RubyTubeDay 02

We give this book 4 Paws

4 paws

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No-Bot, the Robot with No BottomNo-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom by Sue Hendra

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is s bright, fun silly story about Bernard the robot who loses his bottom whilst in the park. Young readers will enjoy flicking through the pages and trying to find the bottom that is used for many different things. It is even used down on the beach.

It’s a story of friendship and how everyone comes together to try and help Bernard find his bottom.

A real laugh out loud story.

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Miss Ruby Heart’s Review Scores

Our Book Review, Scoring System.

Dogs only have four paws, so we use a paw scoring system to rate the books that we read. The books that we find to be A~MAZ~ING we will also give them a lick. It is our way of giving an extra kiss if you like. Therefore our very top rated books receive four paws and a lick (5*****)

Here is the rating system explained.

4 paws plus

  Four Paws & a lick is the highest grading like 5*

These books are A~MAZ~ING,  real page-turners.

We absolutely love these books and will read them usually more than once.

4 paws

Four Paws = really liked it

3 paws

Three Paws = liked it

2 paws

Two Paws = OK

1 paw

One Paw = Just not for us

Rarely will you see us give a one paw rating. But it does happen now and again. We hope this helps you understand how we review our books. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t forget to tell your book lover friends and pop back soon to see more reviews for children’s books.

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Sample Book Review ‘The Island Dog Squad’

An example of our Book Review’s

Hello, we have been having so much fun playing with our little Talking Pet App that we  decided to share our first trial mini review. We would love to hear your views good or bad. Simply drop us a comment below.

YouTube Review

‘The Island Dog Squad’ by Deb McEwan

This is a wonderful book by the very talented Deb McEwan. Take a peek at our mini video review.

The Island Dog Squad was Book 25

in our 2018 Goodreads Challenge

This is a story for dog lovers both young and old. But be warned as well as it being comical, at times it is also rather heart-wrenching too. Probably advisable for readers 10+

The author’s own dog Sandy is a rescued dog, and the inspiration behind the book. The tale is told from the dog’s point of view.

After almost drowning as a pup, Sandy is initially rescued by military personnel. She proves to be a very intelligent little dog and undergoes training on the base. Sadly the poor dog ends up having some horrendous experiences. Sandy ends up on the streets almost at deaths door; she has no memory of who she is or where she came from.

Luckily Sandy is found and taken to a rescue shelter, and from there she is adopted by Ellie and Ben. She loves her people parents and just wants to settle into a new life with them. However, she begins to suffer nightmares and slowly her memories begin to return but they are not pleasant.

I love how the author interweaves mystery and intrigue into a captivating tale, along with a dog’s eye view of the world. Sandy’s thoughts on her people parents are simply adorable, particularly when she begins to learn more about them. Here is just one of her thoughts:-

‘I was to discover Ellie was a vegivore and a chocivore.’

Such great fun and very highly recommended.

As a special treat I recommend you visit Deb’s website and check out the real Sandy’s Dog Blog. Click HERE

We rate this book 4 Paws & a Lick

4 paws plus


Well time is moving on and we want to go read some more children’s books, and create more mini reviews for you. We hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting please #SpreadTheWord and tell your book lover friends.

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New Year, New Books & New Reviews

Happy New Year & Happy Reading 2019

Well we finally managed to upload the featured books from our Advent Calendar event, We hope you enjoyed it? We added so many books to our TBR List so hopefully time permitting we will get to read lots and review them for you too.

YouTube Reviews

The amazon man called by today with a special delivery, yes he actually delivered a parcel on a Sunday. We are so glad he did because guess what he delivered, our new reading log book. A special book to record all the wonderful books that we will be reading through the year. Take a peek in our video.

My Talking Pet App

The secret behind the video is a wonderful little app I discovered through my friend and fellow dog blogger Sandy. Visit her with owner Deb McEwan by clicking HERE

my talking pet app

It is so simple to use (well we used it OK) Take a photo or choose from your photo gallery, then speak into the microphone to see your pet realistically speak back to you. Why not check it out. Have Fun.


Well time is moving on and we want to go read some more children’s books and create more mini reviews for you.

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