Poems To Fall In Love with

Today sharing news #NationalPoetryDay #PoetryDayUK is this coming Thursday 3rd October 2019 and I urge you to go check out this beautiful blog over on the Red Reading Hub. If you are looking for a selection of poetry to share with children the beautifully illustred collection by Chris Riddell is worth thinking about. Click the link below to visit Jill’s page with illustration samples.

Red Reading Hub - Jillrbennett's Reviews of Children's Books

Poems To Fall In Love With
chosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell
Macmillan Children’s Books

I’d already fallen in love with a good number of the poems Chris Riddell has included in this superb collection, but finding them here is still as much a joy as discovering the unfamiliar ones he’s chosen.

One of the latter in the first section Love and Friendship is Neil Gaiman’s Locks, inspired by the story of the Three Bears. It begins and ends, ‘We owe it to each other to tell stories.’ Powerful and very moving it was written by Gaiman for his then very young daughter.

Another new one to delight me was A.F.Harrold’s Postcards From The Hedgehog. The prickly writer is Simon and in his second card he writes this: ‘Dear Mum, / Lovely weather today. / I saw a really pretty girl. / Not sure how to approach her…

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Review: What Does An Anteater Eat?

We absolutley LOVE this book cover, an interesting blog and book. Now added to our TBR lists thank you for sharing 🙂

A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea

Here’s something you may not know about me: giant anteaters are my favourite animal! So when Nosy Crow offered me the chance to review their new picture book, What Does An Anteater Eat?, there was no way I was turning them down…


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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 06 Part 2 Selkie

We love folk tales and the folk ballad that inspires this work in progress is worth checking out. The YouTube video on this blog is wonderful and the music hauntingly beautiful.

Rose English UK

Day 06 Camp NaNoWriMo

Today I believe fate was giving me a guiding hand because I spotted a special offer on an editing package available for September. I sent off an email and was lucky enough to bag the final spot. So now I have something to aim for.

YouTube The Grey Selkie of Sule Skerry

I also came across a wonderful YouTube video the Icicle Diversswimming with grey seals. The short film was accompanied by the most beautiful version of the old folk ballad that I have ever heard by Maz O’Connor check it out. So very inspiring I’ve been listening to it most of the day.

‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’ Teaser 2

I have been toying with the idea of using the original cover for Seal Mother as the basis of this new story. Love to read your thoughts, drop me a message below. Thank…

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‘Brenda is a Sheep,’ by Morag Hood.

Oh my goodness I could not resist sharing this little book review of ‘Brenda is a Sheep,’ by Morag Hood and we certainly have to grab ourselves a copy when it is released in July. Check out the full review below from Library Girl and Book Boy

Library Girl and Book Boy

Morag is well-known for her best-selling, eye-popping picture books with wry humour and characters you could fall in love with.  It’s for this reason I squeaked in excitement when I spotted ‘Brenda’ peeking out of the Jiffy bag.


Book Boy snaffled it first and was sniggering away to himself as he read, but it wasn’t until I read it aloud to Book Boy Jr. that I realised just why…

Brenda lives with a flock of sheep who just love her. They all want to be just like her with her pointy teeth and excellent bright orange jumper. They don’t seem to notice that Brenda doesn’t like eating grass like they do, or that her preferred games invariably involve trying (unsuccessfully) to catch them. The slightly starstruck sheep also don’t seem to notice that Brenda is very hungry and is cooking up a rather large batch of delicious mint sauce ready…

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Five Colouring Books recommended by Rainne

Love this post by Rainne sharing five of her favourite colouring books. I own a copy of the ‘Fantasy Snowflakes’ Book by J.S.Burke very highly recommended

Rainne's Ramblings

Five on Friday

Five colouring books from my bookshelf

Colouring books



Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book


Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book

by J. S. Burke

A lovely companion book to author J.S. Burke‘s Dragon Dreamer series.

These original snowflake designs are created from animals and plants, with a nature theme. There are pictures to colour, and ornaments to colour and cut out, and each page has some information about the design.

Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book pics



Fantasy Creatures Colouring Book

Fantasy Creatures Colouring Book

by Meg Cowley

Colouring book from the author of the Relic Guardians series, The Books of Caledan Trilogy and Chronicles of Pelenor series, Meg Cowley.

The book is filled with pictures of fantasy creatures, like  faeries, unicorns, dragons and centaurs.

Fantasy Creatures Colouring Book pics





by Kerby Rosanes

Each page in this book is filled with weird and wonderful pictures from the imagination of Kerby Rosanes.

Imagimorphia pics



The Calligrapher's Colouring Book

The Calligrapher’s Colouring Book

by Renee Chin

Each page features a letter, number or punctuation mark…

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