Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory Day 05

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Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory 05 ‘Death of an Emperor’

Day 05 a sad #OneHundredWords story about a butterfly and although he is far from his loved ones, others in nature stay by his side so he will not be alone. ‘Death of an Emperor’ by Rose English.

Happy Listening.

Death of an Emperor

Three bees bow low in respect to the Emperor. He lay exhausted. Broken and dusty were his wings, the once bright colours muted with edges now tattered and torn. He had been blown off course by a great tempest, far away from his beloved Queen and children. Yet the bees would not leave him to die alone.

The wind calmed, and the Emperor took his last breath.  Aged wings closed for the last time. An army of ants came and carried him to the shade of the old oak, where he would rest eternally and become one with the earth.

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‘That’s Our Home!’ by Jude Lennon

Keep Our Beaches Clean!

Are you passionate about keeping our beaches clean?

Would you like to help our lovely author friend Jude Lennon from Little Lamb Tales to publish her latest children’s book ‘That’s Our Home!’ You would or still not sure? If not sure then check out Jude’s video below. Or find out more on the project page by clicking HERE

If you take part in this great Kickstarter project. You could also receive goodies in exchange for your pledge. We pledged a small amount and if the project is successful we will receive a signed copy of the book. How exciting is that?

Visit Lamby and Flossie and find out more about the Kickstarter Campaign by clicking on the little lamb logo below.

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Oh my goodness check this out, a sneek peek of some of the wonderful characters that will be featured in ‘That’s Our Home!’ by Jude Lennon with the beautiful illustrations by Lisa Williams

Thats My Home Characters

Don’t forget you can help to get this book in print. Just visit the Kickstarter Page and show your support. Pledge £10 or more and you can help get the book, and its environmental message out into the world. Plus, by pledging this amount you can opt to receive a signed copy of the book should the campaign be successful. Go on what are you waiting for.

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#NationalPoetryDay 25th Anniversary


Celebrate Poetry on Thursday 3rd October 2019

Today is the 25th Anniversary of #NationalPoetryDay to find out more click the banner above. The theme for today is Truth. But we are sharing our great love of poetry and Miss Ruby Heart will be reading some of our poems on her YouTube Channel.

#RubyTubeDay Poetry 01 Nature Shorts

So the first selection of the day is three mini poems 2 in a limerick style. We hope you enjoy them. If you have a limerick share it in the comments below. If you enjoy the YouTube channel please follow and #SpreadTheWord. Thank you.

No Birds.

No birds were there singing this morning,
as the new day around us was dawning.
It’s raining outside,
in their nests they do hide,
snuggled up in their down and just yawning.


Today I am the soft summer rain,
You are my sweet golden sunshine.
Together we’ll build us a rainbow,
to last, a life time.

The Birds.

I heard the birds singing since dawn.
So I rose from my bed with a yawn,
as I stepped out my door
I said “Please sing some more.
Then I’ll join you for drinks on the lawn”.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 05 Part 2

Another new #WIP work in progress from Rose English if you like poetry and nature then these collections are worth checking out.

Rose English UK

Day 05 Camp NaNoWriMo

So I thought I would share with you part of my reason for doing the Camp NaNoWriMo Challenge. It is to create some original prose to go with the poetry I did during my NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) Challenge earlier in the year. I absolutely LOVE the cover by JC CLarke.

Butterflies & Blue Skies Front

Butterflies & Blue Skies ~ Poetry & Prose 2


Collection of Poetry & Prose, a sequel to ‘Rainbows and Roses’ which is a delightful selection of whimsical short stories, along with a collection of poetry inspired by memories from childhood, the environment, together with a little bit of fun.

In this second volume I am hoping to feature some information on flowers and plants loved by Butterflies and Bees.

Many of the poems that will feature were written during the 2019 NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)


190418 Elegy of a Butterfly

Elegy of a Butterfly

Exhausted the…

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