#CelebrateChildrensBooks with Miss Ruby Heart

Christmas is Coming

Oh, we have exciting news for you #BookLovers.¬† We have created a delightful #ChristmasAdventCalendar to celebrate reading children’s books #BookAdvent click on the image to visit. Just remember there is no peeking until the actual day is here.

So throughout December we will reveal a different children’s book behind each door. Many of these you may not have heard of as they are by very talented #IndieAuthors who struggle to self-promote. We are therefore here to #SpreadTheWord and show some love on their behalf.

Also behind each door, there will be a link after the image to take you to our #Facebook party page where you will be able to find out more about the author of the book on that day. There will be fun, games, Christmas carols, the odd joke and perhaps a giveaway or two.

Starting today in anticipation of the event we have not one but two wonderful books on #SpecialPromo from our lovely friend Rose English. Click on the image to take a peek inside over on Amazon.

‘Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol’

Think #CharlesDickens but for kids meet the magical clock ~ Grandfather Time. Meet Miss Ruby Heart ~ Ghost of Christmas Past and also Young Ebenezer who really hates sharing and is sadly not very caring. Can the boy learn the error of his ways?

‘Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse’

A #StoryInVerse with illustration by Hannah Ryan about a #Selkie from #Folklore half seal half human. Midsummers Eve the seal walks upon the land as a beaufitul maiden. However when her beautiful skin is stolen she is trapped in her human form.

Thank you for visiting, don’t forget to #SpreadTheWord these wonderful books are on #KindleCountdown for seven days. More to come from Tuesday 1st December. So watch this space.

Happy Reading


Christmas over for another year.

Christmas over and done

Wow how time flies, we hope you all had the ‘Paw-fect’ Christmas. Ours was relaxed checking out the wonderful Children’s Books that appeared on our Miss Ruby Heart Advent Calendar, which you can still check out by the way. We have added several books to our 2020 TBR list from those that were featured. Click the image below to re-visit the calendar and check out all the talented children’s #IndieAuthors.

2019 Rubys Advent

Day 24 on the calendar will give you a quick run down of all the books that were featured throughout the month. Inside each window at the bottom of the text you can also click the link to re-visit the discussions on the Facebook party pages. There were jokes and mini video’s to keep kids happy for a few moments.

#AdventCalendar re-visited

So over the next few days we will share the books that appeared on the calendar, and if they are ones we purchased we hope to also include a mini review. Once again Happy Holidays and Happy Reading.

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#RubyTubeDay Christmas #ShareAStory

Share A Story for Christmas

Well can you believe it Day 7 of the final month of the year, where does the time go. So you may have see our previous post about our Christmas Advent Calendar featuring Children’s Books (You haven’t, where have you been LOL) so we decided to do a mini video check it out on YouTube. We would love if you could share with your Book Lover friends or maybe even subscribe to our channel?

#RubyTubeDay Christmas

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

The advent calendar features a different children’s book each day, many from Indie Authors. Behind the door you will see a snippet about the book and at the bottom of the image is a link to take you to the Facebook party page. Not only are there books but also kids video shorts, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke. Somethjing to keep the kids amused for half an hour. Drop in at your leisure some authors may even have giveaways.

2019 Rubys Advent

Happy Reading

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Christmas Advent Calendar from Miss Ruby Heart

Happy December

OK so we are a bit late in getting to our announcement, but besides being the most wonderful time of the year it is also the busiest.

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

So the news is we have created an advent calendar to share our love of Children’s Books especially those lovingly created by Indie Authors. Plus we have a Facebook Party page you can check out daily at your leisure with mini video’s, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke especially for the kids. So if you are at a loose end as to what to do with them for half an hour this could help you out. Click the image below to go to the calendar (opens in a new window party page link in the bottom of the window).

2019 Rubys Advent


Children’s Writers

The writers taking part in this event have given up their time to be part of this fun event, please like and share their posts, plus their pages with your book lover friends.

Thank You

Happy Reading

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Season’s Greetings from Miss Ruby Heart


¬†Season’s Greetings One & All.

May you all have a Paw-fect Christmas.

What will you be doing today?

We are finally going to get in some valuable reading time with an old classic Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ and a new one. ‘Miss Marley’ by Vanessa Lafaye with Rebecca Mascull. Our little book ‘Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol’ by Rose English sits very nicely by their side.


Whatever you do today, we hope it’s filled with fun & laughter.

Share the Joy & Happy Reading.