#RubyTubeDay 05 The Island Dog Squad

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 05

02 Island Dog Squad

‘The Island Dog Squad’ by Deb McEwan

This is a wonderful book by the very talented Deb McEwan. Take a peek at our mini video review.

#RubyTubeDay 05

The Island Dog Squad was Book 25 in our 2018 Goodreads Challenge

This is a story for dog lovers both young and old. But be warned as well as it being comical, at times it is also rather heart-wrenching too. Probably advisable for readers 10+

The author’s own dog Sandy is a rescued dog, and the inspiration behind the book. The tale is told from the dog’s point of view.

After almost drowning as a pup, Sandy is initially rescued by military personnel. She proves to be a very intelligent little dog and undergoes training on the base. Sadly the poor dog ends up having some horrendous experiences. Sandy ends up on the streets almost at deaths door; she has no memory of who she is or where she came from.

Luckily Sandy is found and taken to a rescue shelter, and from there she is adopted by Ellie and Ben. She loves her people parents and just wants to settle into a new life with them. However, she begins to suffer nightmares and slowly her memories begin to return but they are not pleasant.

I love how the author interweaves mystery and intrigue into a captivating tale, along with a dog’s eye view of the world. Sandy’s thoughts on her people parents are simply adorable, particularly when she begins to learn more about them. Here is just one of her thoughts:-

‘I was to discover Ellie was a vegivore and a chocivore.’

Such great fun and very highly recommended.

As a special treat I recommend you visit Deb’s website and check out the real Sandy’s Dog Blog. Click HERE

We rate this book 4 Paws & a Lick

4 paws plus


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#RubyTubeDay 04 ‘Just for You’

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 04

04 Just for you

Just for You

by Christine Leeson & Andy Ellis


#RubyTubeDay 04

We give this book 3 Paws

3 paws

Full Review on Goodreads

Just for You!Just for You! by Christine Leeson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This is an enjoyable little story about Jenny mouse along with her sisters and brothers trying to find the perfect birthday gift for their mother. All about caring and sharing.

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#WorldBookDay #ShareAStory Seal Mother


World Book Day 2019

Happy Reading everyone, we hope you have been managing to get at least a few minutes of reading in today? Drop us a message in the comments below if it was something you really enjoyed and you think we should know about it.

We actually did a couple of #RubyTubeDay mini book reviews over on YouTube so we will drop the links below so you can take a peek and maybe share with your book lover friends?


Seal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse by Rose English

One lonely seal
in the midst of the ocean
rolls on the waves
to the rhythmical motion.
The seal watches over
the child on the sand.
Her lovely young daughter
born of the land.

On Midsummer’s Eve seals swim up onto the sand, shed their skin and transform into beautiful young women to give thanks to the mysterious Moon Goddess.

Lost in dance, no one notices a shimmering sealskin being stolen; leaving one beautiful Selkie trapped on the land forever.
Can an unlikely friend help her reclaim her skin, or is she destined to remain forever in human form?

‘Seal Mother’ – a magical Selkie tale of love, loss and deceit, told in verse.

Illustrations by Hannah Ryan

02 Kissing Day Teaser


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#RubyTubeDay 03 ‘The Sheep Won’t Sleep’

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 03

03 the sheep won't sleep

The Sheep Won’t Sleep

by Curtis Jobling & Tom McLaughlin

We are big fans of sheep, and if you were to visit our home you would find sheep everywhere. There are coasters and cups with sheep, tea-towels sporting sheep. We have several toy sheep and even a noughts and crosses sheepy game. So there really was no doubt that we would love this beautiful and engrossing picture book. Check out the Miss Ruby Heart review on YouTube.

#RubyTubeDay 03

We give this book 4 Paws & a Lick

4 paws plus

Full Review on Goodreads

The Sheep Won’t Sleep!The Sheep Won’t Sleep! by Curtis Jobling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


We love all things sheepy so we could not help but fall in love with this wonderful story. It is all about a sleepy sheep dog who has to put one hundred naughty sheep to bed but…

The Sheep Won’t Sleep

This phrase is used throughout the book encouraging little ones to join in the reading. It is a fun, bright, colourful rhyming read.

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#RubyTubeDay 02 ‘No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom’

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 02

02 no bot the robot

No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom

by Sue Hendra

#RubyTubeDay 02

We give this book 4 Paws

4 paws

Full Review on Goodreads

No-Bot, the Robot with No BottomNo-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom by Sue Hendra

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is s bright, fun silly story about Bernard the robot who loses his bottom whilst in the park. Young readers will enjoy flicking through the pages and trying to find the bottom that is used for many different things. It is even used down on the beach.

It’s a story of friendship and how everyone comes together to try and help Bernard find his bottom.

A real laugh out loud story.

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#RubyTubeDay 01 The Littlest Dreamer Book Review

Miss Ruby Heart Reviews Book 01

01 littlestdreamerThe Littlest Dreamer: A Bedtime Adventure

by Suzanne Smith & Charlotte Cooke

Hello and welcome to our first book review of the year. We have already read ten picture books. Now it is finding time to do a mini review and post it on our YouTube Channel and in our Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019.

#RubyTubeDay 01

So it officially begins our little YouTube reviews, We hope you enjoy them, if you have any comments either good or bad please leave us a message in the comments below.

We give this book 4 Paws & a Lick

4 paws plus

Full Review on Goodreads

The Littlest Dreamer: A Bedtime AdventureThe Littlest Dreamer: A Bedtime Adventure by Suzanne Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book caught our attention from the start. We are often looking at great books to fill the imagination of our young readers and family members. Or for those simply young at heart like ourselves. This one is overflowing with inspiration.

The rhythm and rhyme flow beautifully and the illustrations of a child’s wondrous dreams simply brings the story to life. Reading at bedtime could help lull them into dream land. The words from the page could take them into a world full of fascinating places with exciting creatures. The child could themselves be the star, or maybe an intrepid explorer, they could be whoever they wanted to be.

This is a story to share time after time and we already feel it is going to be one we will share often.

Here are the opening lines:-

Little one, little one, eyes closed up tight,
What do you dream as you sleep through the night.

Highly recommended

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If you or your book lover friends have any book recommendations (Children’s Books Only) we are happy to take a peek and maybe review one or two. Drop us a message below. Thank you for visiting. Call in again soon.

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