Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory Day 07

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Ruby’s #OneMinuteStory 07 ‘Snolar Bear’

Day 07 another fun #OneHundredWords story this time about a ‘Snolar Bear’ a cross between a snowman and a polar bear by Rose English.

Happy Listening.

Snolar Bear

Bright whiteness filled the room, as I open my eyes, I am stunned to see the white snow-covered fields beyond my window.

I waste no time leaping from the bed, rushing to get ready and go outside to check that I’m not dreaming. Wrapped up warm I step into the white wonderland. I am going to make a snowman.

All starts well rolling snowballs round and round to form the body, then another for the head. Alas when I merge the two it looks nothing like a snowperson. I’ve created something unique a Snolar Bear.

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