Obsessive About Octopuses by Owen Davey

We love the octopus and this beautiful recommended read has been added to our wish list

The Great British Bookworm


Confession time:  I am obsessive about Flying Eye Books and for good reason.  The books they publish are always top notch and visually amazing.  Whenever I see one I ultimately take the time to check in out and end up engrossed.  Yet in my opinion what they do better than most it create fabulous non-fiction.  At the heart of this achievement in Owen Davey with his cracking series.


Dedicating a book to a single animal and the various species provides the reader with a detailed, fascinating experience.  Crazy information that explains the two suborders of octopus and explains how one of the most visually striking sea creatures uses it’s body to survive is presented on every page.  I mean they have beaks!  Who knew?

Other pages look at how the Octopus is represented in mythology, conservation, the more odd members of the family and my favourite ‘self-defence’.


Owen Davey presents…

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