Day 06 Advent re-visited ‘The Hangry Hamster’

Day 06 Teaser

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Day 06 ‘The Hangry Hamster’

Book 06 on the calendar was from a very talented young lady who was around eight or nine years old when she wrote this story. It was entered into the BBC2 500 Words competition. Sadly it did not win but Grace is a winner in our eyes. ‘The Hangry Hamster’ by Grace McCluskey (with help from her dad David McCluskey ) and illustrations by Sean Steele. Click the image below to take a sneak peek.

Teaser for Hangry Hamster

#RubyTubeDay Xmas 06


The Hangry Hamster

To purchase click the link above (will take you to Dammaged Productions Comics.)

Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading.

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