Christmas over for another year.

Christmas over and done

Wow how time flies, we hope you all had the ‘Paw-fect’ Christmas. Ours was relaxed checking out the wonderful Children’s Books that appeared on our Miss Ruby Heart Advent Calendar, which you can still check out by the way. We have added several books to our 2020 TBR list from those that were featured. Click the image below to re-visit the calendar and check out all the talented children’s #IndieAuthors.

2019 Rubys Advent

Day 24 on the calendar will give you a quick run down of all the books that were featured throughout the month. Inside each window at the bottom of the text you can also click the link to re-visit the discussions on the Facebook party pages. There were jokes and mini video’s to keep kids happy for a few moments.

#AdventCalendar re-visited

So over the next few days we will share the books that appeared on the calendar, and if they are ones we purchased we hope to also include a mini review. Once again Happy Holidays and Happy Reading.

Thank you for visiting

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