Christmas Advent Calendar from Miss Ruby Heart

Happy December

OK so we are a bit late in getting to our announcement, but besides being the most wonderful time of the year it is also the busiest.

Advent Calendar of Children’s Books

So the news is we have created an advent calendar to share our love of Children’s Books especially those lovingly created by Indie Authors. Plus we have a Facebook Party page you can check out daily at your leisure with mini video’s, songs and of course a Christmas Cracker Joke especially for the kids. So if you are at a loose end as to what to do with them for half an hour this could help you out. Click the image below to go to the calendar (opens in a new window party page link in the bottom of the window).

2019 Rubys Advent


Children’s Writers

The writers taking part in this event have given up their time to be part of this fun event, please like and share their posts, plus their pages with your book lover friends.

Thank You

Happy Reading

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