‘Brenda is a Sheep,’ by Morag Hood.

Oh my goodness I could not resist sharing this little book review of ‘Brenda is a Sheep,’ by Morag Hood and we certainly have to grab ourselves a copy when it is released in July. Check out the full review below from Library Girl and Book Boy

Library Girl and Book Boy

Morag is well-known for her best-selling, eye-popping picture books with wry humour and characters you could fall in love with.  It’s for this reason I squeaked in excitement when I spotted ‘Brenda’ peeking out of the Jiffy bag.


Book Boy snaffled it first and was sniggering away to himself as he read, but it wasn’t until I read it aloud to Book Boy Jr. that I realised just why…

Brenda lives with a flock of sheep who just love her. They all want to be just like her with her pointy teeth and excellent bright orange jumper. They don’t seem to notice that Brenda doesn’t like eating grass like they do, or that her preferred games invariably involve trying (unsuccessfully) to catch them. The slightly starstruck sheep also don’t seem to notice that Brenda is very hungry and is cooking up a rather large batch of delicious mint sauce ready…

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