Don’t be bored, get board (books!)

#ChildrensBooks Check out this blog for some great ideas for books to share with younger children. Board books are so sturdy they last a long time.

Happy Reading

Library Girl and Book Boy

I’ve been sent a treasure trove of beautiful board books recently. Some are wonderful new editions of classics and some are brand new. We all know the benefits of starting the bedtime story habit with babies – bonding time, language acquisition, fun! So whether you’re looking for a new bedtime read or buying a gift for a little one, there’s sure to be something amongst this selection to entice you…

The Gruffalo Baby range by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Macmillan Children’s Books) 

Thisyear, Macmillanarecelebratingthe20thanniversaryofthemodernchildren’s  classic, TheGruffalo.  They’vecreatedanewrangewhichistheperfectintroductiontothecharactersandsoundsofTheGruffalo

D666F004-C990-4132-9D29-17AF04489EE2There’s a teeny buggy book, ‘Gruffalo, What Can You Hear?,’ designed to clip onto the buggy frame for little ones to enjoy on the move. Explore the sounds…

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