Miss Ruby Heart’s Review Scores

Our Book Review, Scoring System.

Dogs only have four paws, so we use a paw scoring system to rate the books that we read. The books that we find to be A~MAZ~ING we will also give them a lick. It is our way of giving an extra kiss if you like. Therefore our very top rated books receive four paws and a lick (5*****)

Here is the rating system explained.

4 paws plus

  Four Paws & a lick is the highest grading like 5*

These books are A~MAZ~ING,  real page-turners.

We absolutely love these books and will read them usually more than once.

4 paws

Four Paws = really liked it

3 paws

Three Paws = liked it

2 paws

Two Paws = OK

1 paw

One Paw = Just not for us

Rarely will you see us give a one paw rating. But it does happen now and again. We hope this helps you understand how we review our books. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t forget to tell your book lover friends and pop back soon to see more reviews for children’s books.

Happy Reading

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