Day 12 Ruby’s Advent Calendar

Day 12 Ruby’s Advent Calendar

Don’t forget you can click the calander links on the days that have passed and still see the children’s book we featured. Happy Reading.


So here is the link to our wonderful #AdventCalendar of #ChildrensBooks (Click the calendar image, opens in a new window)

Once you open the window there will be a featured book of the day, plus links for you to check out. There will be lots of fun, games and a few giveaways too.

Today’s Featured Author is Nick Jones

To find out more about Nick visit HERE Plus there is a chance to bag a FREE joke book.

Today’s Featured Book is …

…to follow later after folk have checked the window. In the meantime why not take a peek at one of Nick’s joke books. Gagged and Bound. Amazon have him labelled as a “Pun loving Jokesmith”.



Happy Reading


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